Excited for the weekend!!

Hello to my wonderful followers and new readers. I am so super excited about starting this blog and sharing my journey with all of you! I am looking forward to this weekend as I review a cafe in Camberwell.. Sorry that I can’t tell you the name as it needs to remain under wraps until I post that night! I have read mixed reviews of the place and they rate nicely on Zomato but I am going to give them a full, whole, complete review.

I am one of those people that likes to take in the whole experience and write about that. If your food is fab but the customer service lacks then I will write about that. If the food is sub standard yet the customer service amazing then you will read about that also. Nothing will be left out! I have notice a lot of people saying that the customer service is bad and that the food is great and STILL giving the Cafe a fab score. I am sorry but if I am ignored, not smiled at, not made to feel welcome then you are failing as a cafe.. I am sure that many of you would agree… Yes??

So keep your eye out this Saturday, I am bursting and cannot wait!!

Annie Bean xx

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