Prospect Espresso


Yesterday I went and visited a highly talked about cafe in Camberwell. Buzzing with reviews it was a must for me that I visit Prospect Espresso which is located on Prospect Hill road Camberwell.

My first thought about the cafe was how modern and hipster it looked. Retro colours met wooden tables and chairs and it was a cafe match made in heaven. The menu was printed on what looked to be recyclable paper and presented on a clipboard and the music was upbeat and inviting. Also what caught my eye was the open kitchen layout where you could see the chefs cooking your food with fun and enthusiasm! It is always great to see people who love their job! Along with a choice of homemade muffins, cakes, protein balls and jams, this place was a hip cafe!


The friendly waiter first asked what we would like to drink while placing a bottle of water on our table. I chose a weak latte as I love my latte and was very excited to try coffee from here.. Sadly the water was stale and the bottle caked with grime. As you see in the picture it is not just the normal washed marks but in the middle there is caked on grime! At this stage I was totally grossed.. Second was my latte that I had been dreaming about all week. Now I wish that I had something good to say, I really wanted to and I really expect to love it but the coffee was hard to swallow and had a very prominent bitter edge! Bitter enough for me to add a third spoon of sugar and just managed to drink it all.


After going over the menu I decided to choose the house made rosti with smoked salmon, poached eggs, pickled beetroot and horseradish creme fraiche. I was really hungry and decided to forego my normal bacon that I love and choose a dish with salmon. At $18.50 I was looking forward to my Rosti breakfast!!

When my breakfast came to me my heart sank as I could barely see my rosti underneath the poached egg! I almost felt like pulling a Paul Hogan from Crocodile Dundee and showing them what a decent sized rosti looks like while claiming that theirs was not a rosti! I began to eat and everything tasted amazing! All the flavours worked and although I did not have my usual bacon I did not miss it as the salmon had a nice smoky kick that left me not needing bacon! The rosti was nice and crunchy and the eggs were poached to perfection that when cutting into them they popped!! The horseradish creme fraiche was lightly flavoured and complimented the whole dish along with the pickled beetroot. The only sad thing was that I was left hungry and wanting more!


I left with a hole in my stomach, an image of a dirty bottle and the taste of bitter coffee in my mouth. Whilst the atmosphere was amazing as was the taste of the food and the wonderful service, I would not call this value for money or great coffee and I know that I would not visit again.

My total score for Prospect Espresso is 7/10.

Annie Bean xx

Prospect Espresso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Prospect Espresso

2A Prospect Hill Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124

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