Chef’s Thai Mitcham


Last night I had such an amazing foodie experience! I was crazing for Thai food and after looking at some other reviews I decided to visit Chef’s Thai in Mitcham. The main vibe that came across the reviews was that this place is authentic, and authentic was what I was looking for!

I walked into a small little restaurant with only a few tables but a beautiful warm atmosphere. The chef greeted my companion and I when we walked in and showed us to a nice intimate table at the back of the room. My eyes were wandering as I looked at the deep brown walls with golden flowers. Flowers seemed to be the theme as on each table was a silver bowl with a white lotus sitting in the middle. The lime napkins brought a pop of colour to the atmosphere and just by looking I could tell that I was in for an authentic experience.


The waitress was all smiles and brought us out the menus and some water and glasses. She explained that the restaurant is BYO but that they have soft drink if we wanted. The menu had so many wonderful Thai options and not just the generic pad thai and satay dishes that you see in other Thai restaurants. Just looking over the entrees I could of sat and had them all night but in the end we decided on Roti bread with peanut sauce and chicken skewers with satay sauce.


Now for those that know me, they know that I am a sucker for roti bread! I love it so much that I am always tempted to order 5 serves as a main haha! Now for all the roti bread that I have tried before this roti bread was by far my favourite! Golden and crunchy and with a sauce that had a nice little kick, I was in roti bread heaven! And if things could not get better the chicken skewers were incredible! The chicken was so so so so soft (How many so’s can I say), so soft that I could not help but moan with foodie pleasure. And with a satay sauce to compliment this was a perfect dish.

20150714_185348 20150714_185642

For mains we ordered the chicken fried rice and three flavoured fish. mmm mmm mmm. The chicken fried rice was superb with layers upon layers of flavour and the 3 flavoured fish had sweet and sour flavours, salt and pepper flavours and a nice kick that had my taste buds dancing. The dish is not a spicy dish so don’t worry for those that don’t like spice, it is just full of flavour! The vegetables on the side were cooked to perfection and had a nice little crunch when eating them. I was so full by then end of it that it looked like I was having a food baby (No joke!)

20150714_190258 20150714_190408

Other things that I picked up on was that as soon as our bottle of water was empty the waitress was there with another fresh bottle of water and our plates were cleared between dishes to allow for room. All the workers there were amazing and a nice family unit running an amazing restaurant!

Now I really want to give Chef’s Thai a 10 but I never ever give 10’s! Β Authentic, warm, friendly, top quality food, Under $60 for 2 people I give Chef’s Thai a 9.5 and will be back again!

Annie Bean xx

Chef’s Thai Mitcham

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