One Origin Specialty Coffee


Today I went to One Origin Speciality Coffee in Malvern, and to say I was excited was a massive understatement!

I had been a great fan of the Doctor of coffee Alan Chan and remember him from when he worked at Coffeehead in Camberwell. That coupled with the already amazing reviews I was jumping at the chance to have a coffee from the Doctor again!

From the Facebook pictures I expected a much bigger cafe but was greeted with a quaint, cozy little cafe with a few tables and a big communal/conference table near the window. The cafe had a warm atmosphere and was almost full around lunch time but I was fortunate enough to get a table! The tables were so cute and each had a small vase of flowers. The yellow flowers really made the place feel sunny and put a smile on my face. The only dullness was the fact that when I walked in the waitress behind the counter did not look up and I had to walk to the counter and let her know that I wanted to eat there.


After looking over the menu that has an all day breakfast and an all day lunch I decided on the Slow cooked pork shoulder served on a broiche bun with spicy kimchi, spicy aioli, lettuce and a side of shaved sweet potato chips. I also had the choice of 2 blends of coffee. One origin served Axil coffee from Axil grinders and a beautiful coffee called Purple Haze. As I have had Axil before I decided to try the purple haze.


The Slow cooked pork shoulder bun was like a dance party in my mouth! So many layers of flavours and a subtle punch of the chilli with the bonus that the pork was so soft that it melted in the mouth! The coffee lived up to its name. When I was drinking it I could taste the complex layers of the blend and a haze of something that I could not quite distinguish! I guess that is where purple haze came from? If purple had a coffee flavour this would be it!

20150718_134113 20150718_134406

Now if I were to base my experience on just the food and the coffee I would of given this review a solid 9.6, sadly I have to report on the customer service, or lack of.. As I was eating my lunch I was looking at the specials board and noticed that there was a house made sweet potato donut with custard on offer. Although the combination weirded me a little I was intrigued enough to want to try it and have another cup of purple haze!

When the waitress approached my table she asked me if I was done with my plate and before I had the chance to ask or even be offered something else, my plate was taken away and I was left sitting there. I waited and waited while I watched the waitress do other things and then leave, and i watched another waitress sit and eat her lunch and get up to do something else. I waited 10 minutes and no one came, no offer of dessert or coffee was made and my experience was tainted. I got up to pay for my food and the lady at the cash register was really friendly and asked me how I liked my food, and then I left, a little sullen.

In summary the food and coffee was amazing and the cafe itself was warm and cozy. Sadly the cafe staff are letting this cafe down by their impersonal interactions with customers and are losing money as my dessert and extra coffee would of meant another $14 for the cafe. Multiply with other customers and they would be losing hundreds a week!! That is sad for the business and sad for Alan chan as that is not his heart and vision at all.

Would I be back? I am not too sure at this stage, customer service would have to improve. My final score based on full experience is 7.5 out of 10.

Annie Bean xx

One Origin Specialty Coffee
Address: 83 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern VIC 3144
Phone:(03) 9500 0875

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