Salsas Fresh Mex Grill


Hi my lovely readers.

This is a very quick review about Salsas fresh mex grill in Ringwood.

It was one of those days where time got the best of me and I had not had lunch, so I decided to pop into Eastland shopping centre. I had a craving for Mexican and decided to buy something at Salsas.

I looked on the menu and could not see their quesadillas so I asked if they still had them. The young girl behind the counter told me that they did and I almost Β kicked up my heels in a happy dance!

From the options of chicken, black bean, steak (And another I can’t remember) I chose the steak with cheese, onion and capsicum. Being hangry (So hungry I was angry) I ordered a combo and got the shock of my life! For a regular combo with mexicrinkles, a can of drink and a side of sour cream it was $18!! I paid for the meal but my head was spinning. This is what I would expect to pay at a legit Mexican restaurant, not a fast food franchise!


When I got my tray of food I was pleased to see the amounts of steak in my quesadilla and that everything was freshly cooked and hot! Everything tasted really yummy and hot! The negative was that the mexicrinkles had waaaaaaaaay too much salt on them! Now I am not being picky, literally I could of fed 5 Mexicans with that much salt! It was a good thing that I had my sour cream to dip my crinkles in and balance out the flavour.

20150723_163618 20150723_163625

All in all it was okay for a fast food chain. Service was friendly, food was hot, a little pricey and too much salt! For my total score for Salsas I give a 7.5/10!

Annie Bean xx

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