Ringwood Chinese Restaurant


One the weekend I visited the Ringwood Chinese restaurant. My companion and I tried to get into a Japanese restaurant close by but it was fully booked out so we thought that Chinese was the next best thing (It wasn’t)

Walking in the place looked very old fashioned. Like something you would see on Gordon Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares! He would surely pop a vein over this place! The walls were papered with cream and burgundy wallpaper and the tables were a Mahogany with marble on the top (As were the chairs) The tables was very low and I could see that even a skinny person had trouble seating their legs under the table. Would suit a small child comfortably!


The restaurant was large and had a lot of tables but was not even 1/4 full, that should of been the first warning sign! As we sat I noticed 2 TV’s in the restaurant taking away from the Emperor feel of the place and making it like a cheap club as Football played. This coupled with a large table of 2 families who let their kids run around like monkeys and a table next to them with a group of drunk foul mouth monkeys, it really made it a very unpleasant experience. The staff did nothing and we were left sitting there uncomfortably looking at the dirty floors and our cheap wet towels!


After looking over the limited menu we chose fried wontons and beef skewers with satay sauce for entree.  As it came to my table my heart dropped as it looked so bad. Just by looking at the wonton I could not see if there was a parcel of loveliness in the middle and the skewers did not look like beef. And if it was beef it was a dried version of it! The entree tasted as bad as it looked. The wontons had but a small amount of filling and the skewers were tough like leather with a satay sauce too spicy to eat!


For mains we ordered fried rice with chicken and salty fish and combination crispy noodles. When the dishes came to us I was a little put off my dish as it had a slime like substance all over it and the the rice looked plain and tasteless! The positive was that the combination fried noodles was really nice and the sauce that looked like slime was full of flavour! The dish also had a lot of meat which I was very happy about. The negative was that the rice was as it looked. Boring, tasteless and lifeless!

20150725_202656 20150725_202702

The staff were attentive and very friendly which was nice but I would never come back here again. If I could sum it up in a sentence it would be- Old fashioned Emperor restaurant with a unruly club like atmosphere! As a whole I would give the restaurant a 5.5 out of 10. Never to go again!

Annie Bean xx

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