What does the Fox say?


Yesterday I have the wonderful pleasure of visiting Mister Fox which is located in Ringwood.  I had not heard of Mister Fox before and that could be because it is hidden nestled alongside the Ringwood golf course. After reading other reviews on Zomato it seemed inevitable that I go and visit.


Walking up to the Cafe I was greeted with the cheeky Mr Fox logo and the beautiful golf courses to the side. It felt very country and a little bit fancy. Inside the cafe the country golf lodge feel continued with it’s rustic interior, the effect of paint washed brick walls and warm colours with a pop of aqua made the place seem cozy and made me feel like I was on a holiday!

20150729_130139 20150729_130031

The young waitress came to our table and asked us what drinks we wanted as well as giving a nice bottle of cold water and glasses! I chose my regular week latte and my companion chose a strawberry milkshake.. My coffee was okay but had a bitter undertone that made me say this would not be a coffee that I would have again. It was pleasant but that bitterness lingering put me off another. The waitress then went on to tell us the specials on the menu board which we ordered off of Instantly. My companion choosing the chicken parmigiana and I choosing the cheeseburger with beef pattie, cheese, mixed lettuce, dill pickle and a special Macdonald style sauce!

20150729_130633 20150729_130627

When our food arrived at the table my eyes were instantly drawn to the popping colour on my companion’s plate and also the cute little tee in the middle of my burger. (Let’s hope it wasn’t a used one)  😉 I first took a bite of my delicious looking chip and the crunch was unbelievable! It was a perfect glass chips with the snap of the outside and the warm fluffy potato in the middle. Next was the burger, and oh my goodness! I had to refrain from doing a Meg Ryan from When Harry met Sally! This humble cheeseburger was anything but humble! The tension of the pickle and meat was outstanding and the sauce, oh wow the sauce! It tasted exactly like hungry Jacks sauce but way way better! With each mouthful I was wowing and smiling over how delightful it was.

20150729_132043 20150729_132039

After we had finished the waitress came and took our plates and asked if we would like anything else. I had to say yes, after all she did ask! So to finish my lunch off I had a yummy lemon tart that had a beautiful buttery base and a delicate centre as well as a rich cadbury hot chocolate!


I loved Mister Fox so much and could of sat there a lot longer but I had somewhere to go. The service was friendly, the food was amazing, the coffee was drinkable even though I am a coffee snob and the atmosphere was warm and relaxing. I give Mister Fox a total score of 8/10.

Annie Bean xx

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