Little Bean Bambini


Today was a little exciting for me. I got to visit a cool urban cafe that does not have any Zomato reviews yet! Now please forgive me for going full foodie nerd, but do you know how awesome that is?!?! That I get to write the first review blog! *Pumps feathers like a peacock* This cool little cafe was Little Bean Bambini located at 357 Collins st in the CBD.

When I first approached the cafe I noticed the cool wall art and the hip music coming out of the doors. When I walked in I saw that the lamps were decorated and that someone had put in a lot of effort in designing these art pieces. It was urban art mashing with the cafe and I loved it! Instantly I felt like I was in a happy place and was looking forward to trying their coffee and a baguette!

20150731_113344 20150731_113328 20150731_110604 20150731_110636

I spoke with the owners, Carmelo and Anth and they told me that they were a branch off from Little Bean Dockside and Little Bean Blue in the CBD , also their new cafe is a little over a week old. I gushed over their cold drip and Anth explained that although it was winter, the cold drip had proven to be popular.


After looking at the yummy display of food I chose the salami baguette as salami is my weak point! Along with that I chose my usual weak latte. Anth explained that the coffee was from Columbia and the cold drip was Brazillian which had me giggly at trying their coffee.


The coffee was oh so amazing, not bitter, full of flavour and deep. You know how some coffees can be light, well this was deep with an undertone of chocolate which enhanced after eating! The baguette was delicious, roll was nice and soft, the mediterranean grilled capsicum, lettuce and cheese (Halloumi I think) was incredible and it was yummy and buttery.  I hate it when I go places and they don’t add butter, thankfully I did not have that problem here!

20150731_110931 20150731_111112

After lunch I ordered a tim tam cheesecake which had a chocolate mousse top, cheesecake centre and just before the base there was a layer of caramel! OMG talk about yummy and spoon licking good!


Just before I left Carmelo and Anth offered me a sample of the cold drip coffee and explained the brewing process which takes over a day to perfect! Anth said that as it gets colder the flavours would change and boy was he right! It was like when that girl from Charlie and the chocolate factory chewed the gum and it changed flavour, so did this coffee! One minute it tasted smoky, then fruity and then woody! It really was a taste sensation going on in my mouth.


Today was such an enjoyable experience. For a cafe that is designed for takeaways it is still cozy friendly enough for a intimate sit down inside or at their larger table at the front of the cafe. The guys were amazing and accommodating and the atmosphere was everything that you want in an urban cafe. For Little Bean Bambini I give a 9/10!

Annie Bean xx

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