Suishaya inn Ringwood

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On the weekend I went to the much anticipated Suishaya Inn located in Ringwood. I tried the Saturday before without a booking but was told at 7pm that the whole night had been booked and there was no room at the inn (Pun intended) So all week I had been dreaming and envisioning this amazing Japanese restaurant that was so popular I could not get in. That has to be a good sign right?

As i neared the door I was delighted by the lanterns swaying in the wind and loved the traditional feel of the restaurant with the red and chestnut decor and the Japanese symbols on the wall. What instantly caught my eye was the chef cooking on the hot plates for all the see. Dinner and a show, what a bonus!


The waitress came and gave us our menus and offered us water before going and getting our drinks. We looked through the menu and everything looked so so good which made it difficult to choose!  We decided for entree to have yakitori (chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce) and harumaki (Spring rolls with prawn mince and carrot. The prawn spring rolls were so amazing along with the kewpi mayonnaise and I wished I had ordered 2 serves. The chicken skewers were pleasant and normal, nothing too special. Sadly it tasted like the teriyaki sauce you get from a jar!

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For mains we chose lamb fillet served with peanut dipping sauce and yaki mesai (Rice with japanese beef mince and egg). We also chose chicken udon. The lamb fillet was really nice and tender and was delicious when paired with the peanut sauce. The juices that the lamb and vegetables were cooked in was so tasty and I savoured every mouthful! That is where the enjoyment stopped. The rice tasted like the savory mice our Mums used to cook on cheap nights and the chicken udon was covered in a thick dark sauce that not only resembled molasses, it also tasted like it! It was so difficult to eat and we did not finish it as it made me physically gag! I am really not sure what they cooked it in, but it was not nice!

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The positive ending was the delicious green tea icecream…


I left feeling sad and let down as I really had high hopes for this restaurant. The service was good, we were given time to look for the menu and the waitresses were attentive and smiling, the atmosphere would of been nice but we were seated next to a family who let their kids yell and run around the table but some of the food was great, some of the food was ordinary and at times unedible! That combined with the huge cost of $80 and the fact that we could of had better at a food court, I give Suishaya inn 6/10.

Annie Bean xx

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4 thoughts on “Suishaya inn Ringwood

  1. Get the banquet meal ($52 a head), you will not be disappointed! You get tonnes of food and all of it is fantastic! Plus it will end up cheaper AND you will get more food and more variety.

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