Leaf and Vine Ringwood


Last week I went to a fairly new cafe (less than a year old) that I had not even known about! Leaf and Vine in Ringwood has been opened since late last year and for some reason went under my radar.. Well not anymore!

It was a beautiful day in Melbourne, the sun was shining and it was a pleasant walk to the cafe. It was such a glorious day that I decided to take Miss 3 and a half with me to enjoy the sun and have some lunch. When we approached Leaf and Vine it looked very fancy and had a beautiful outdoor sitting area. When entering I was impressed with the selection of wines, the cool lights, art work and open kitchen where you could see the chefs at work. Also towards the back there was more seating and a shelf of coffee products to purchase, which is always cool, right?

20150820_121137 20150820_123959

Instantly a friendly waitress asked us if we were eating in and offered us a table. The waitress was bubbly and friendly and interacted with Miss 3 and a half like she was her friend and offered her pencils and a childrens menu to colour. First we were asked what we wanted and I ordered my normal weak latte and my Miss ordered a strawberry milkshake. The waitress listened intently as my Miss explained that she does not like strawberry smoothies because they have bits in them but she does like strawberry milkshakes (Too cute) The milkshakes was beautiful and pink but sadly the coffee had a bitter after taste.

20150820_121931 20150820_121952

As we were waiting for our drinks Miss 3 and a half decided on the chicken strips which came with lettuce leaves and toast. I found that really odd and thought chips might of been better, but hey that was the menu! I then ordered the Spanish breakfast which consisted ofย : Jamon ham, white anchovy, crispy fried eggs, with green olives and manchego cheese. The flavour of the anchovies, olives and egg with the sour hit of lemon juice was just perfect! At first I thought the dish would be too salty but the lemon compensated for it. Also the eggs were perfect, crispy underneath with a runny yolk, mmm mmm! Miss 3 and a half had the chicken strips and although it was chicken breast which can be tough, it was soft and melted in the mouth when eating.


All up the visit was wonderful. The staff there were so friendly and included my Miss in the conversation, the decor and art was relaxing and warm, the food was amazing and although the coffee had that bitter edge it was drinkable.. I would note that they used the same coffee beans as Mister Fox which I also did not rate very high.. (If you are reading this please consider changing your beans ;-).. )

For Leaf and Vine I give an all round score of 8.5!

Annie Bean xx

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