Club Ringwood


Today I was pressed for time so I decided to go somewhere local for lunch. I had heard that Club Ringwood did nice affordable lunches so I made my way there as it was not too far away from home.

Club Ringwood is very easy to find as it is on the corner of Oban road and Maroondah hwy in Ringwood. With a big blue sign it is very hard to miss. As I walked in I noticed at that stage it was not to busy and it had a nice relaxed feel about it. That combined with the dΓ©cor I was looking forward to just sitting down and relaxing.


I was first greeted by the floor manager and shown to my table. The floor manager was very friendly and gave me my menu and explained the ordering process. After deciding on American style spicy Buffalo wings with wedges and a blue cheese sauce I went to the front counter and ordered. At this stage I might as well been ordering to a brick wall as that was about the same amount of personal customer service that I received from the cashier. My dismay did not last long as a lovely young lady from the bar took my drink order and brought it out to my table with a big smile.

As I was waiting for my spicy wings and wedges I was ultra naughty and had 2 fresh bread rolls. Oh my I was in carb heaven! I know that they are just bread rolls, but these were still warm from the oven and tasted soooo good with the butter. If you know me , I am a meat and carb kind of a girl. Great for the lips but not for the hips!!


After about 23 minutes my food came and it looked incredible! Everything was cooked to perfection. The wings had a nice spicy punch which was evened out by the blue cheese sauce (Which was divine) and the wedges were light and fluffy in the middle just how they should be. You can’t really go wrong with chicken wings and these did not disappoint as they were so soft and succulent! I was even surprised as the floor manager came across and asked me how my meal was as you don’t even get asked that in a lot of restaurants!


All up despite the cashier, the service was amazingly friendly, the atmosphere relaxing, the prices affordable and the food delicious! I give club Ringwood an 8 out of 10 Β πŸ™‚

Annie Bean xx

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