The Firehouse Ringwood

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Last week I went to The Firehouse in Ringwood. You may be a little confused because isn’t this a foodie blog? Yes, yes it is haha! The Firehouse is a lovely restaurant located in the Eastern Suburbs and gained its name because it uses the old firehouse building (Pretty clever right)

The outside is beautiful and green with vines and lavender surrounding The Firehouse and an old style building to match the beautiful surroundings.. When entering you are greeted with a vintage decor with splashes of modern art and a full bar.


When I walked in around 1pm the place was buzzing and almost full to capacity. The floor manager greeted me with a friendly greeting and looked to see if they had a table available. The foodie Gods were on my side as one was sitting right near me and I claimed the throne for myself!

As I was handed the menu the floor manager took my drink order and to no surprise I ordered my usual weak latte. My latte was so yummy, full of flavour and deep in a dark chocolate undertone. I could of had another one, it was that yummy!


The options on the menu were so delicious but the stand out for me was the goats curd souffle withΒ prosciutto, clementine, frisee endive & vincotto. The goats curd was simply amazing.. Beautiful, soft, fluffy and melted in my mouth with each marvelous mouthful! Sadly the prosciutto was a little hard and almost like a jerky texture and the clementine was overly sweet as It appeared to be candied?


When eating I tried to get the floor managers and waitress’ attention a few times but they seemed too busy serving or clearing tables. I was really needing some water but it wasn’t until the end that I was able to get some brought over to me. The rush around me showed in the fact that after my meal I was not offered anything else to drink or a dessert. If I had been offered I would of gladly bought another coffee! Please people remember to ask this question!~

All in all the food was nice and although there was a couple of negatives, it really was a delicious dish.. The coffee was fab and I could of soooo had another one if offered.. The service was nice to start with and then lacking at the end.

To sum it up I would be back but would hope for a better experience.. For my experience at The Firehouse in Ringwood, I would give them a score of 7.5/10.

Annie Bean xx

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