Mc’Donalds (Maccas) Create Your Own Taste


This week I decided to try the Create your own taste burger at Maccas on Swanston street in the City (Near Flinders st station) I know a few people who have tried it and it sounded very exciting to put a bit of creative me into my own burger! Now I have to credit PHOODIE for the fab idea as she posted about her experience in August!
Now the first step is choosing if you want to dine in or take away. For a full dining experience I decided to eat in.


Second was choosing where I wanted to pay. To make sure that I got my Monopoly tokens (I am looking for Fenchurch if you have a spare one) I decided to pay with cash.


Second was building my own beef, because although they did have pre set options I wanted to choose my own.


Third was choosing my bun.. I could not go passed a brioche bun!! I am totally mad about brioche and find that even the name is a little fancy!


Fourth was choosing my meat. Now why would I build my own burger and not choose a beautiful angus pattie?? Deeeeeeeelicious!


Fifth was cheese and I chose colby jacks as I liked the name and it sounded like it could have a lot of flavour.


Sixth was extras and I chose rashes of bacon and a yummy egg!

20151014_174827 20151014_174831

Seventh was the salady stuff and I chose tomato, leafy lettuce and caramelized onion!

20151014_174840 20151014_174901 20151014_174905

Eighth was the sauce and I could not go passed the punch of a tomato chilli jam!


Ninth they display your order for you to confirm, please check that as I didn’t !


Then you choose if you want it in a meal and choose what you want in that meal.

20151014_174951 20151014_175017 20151014_175031

Then confirm, confirm, pay at counter..

20151014_175042 20151014_175049 20151014_175319

After about 15 minutes your delicious creation is brought to you on a fancy board much like the ones you see in trendy cafes, a basket full of hot fresh chips and your ice cold drink. Service with a smile and a little bit fancy.


So to round up my adventure I would say to check your order twice as I found the scrolling difficult and you may add or subtract things by accident. I must of deleted my onions and added dijon mustard.. Although nice it could of been disastrous! The service was lovely and it was a little strange being served at my table as this is Maccas, but it was still nice. The Maccas was really clean and roomy and inviting so that helped!

My fries were hot and crispy and my burger tasted so so good.. I only wish that I had not chosen egg as it made my burger very slippery and I ended up pulling it apart.. Also the cheese was not very tasty and I really should of added a piece of tasty cheese, I will next time!

All in all the experience was fun, informative and yummy..

I give Maccas Swanston st a 7.5 out of 10!

Annie Bean xx

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One thought on “Mc’Donalds (Maccas) Create Your Own Taste

  1. wow sounds very nice x i will have to try but i do not get me time very offen due to family troubles
    my ‘grandson’ name is chad he is gorgeous and theee yers old but i donr see him much problems with his Mum my daughter o well thats life
    4/5 would heve liked 2 know if drink order includdd Coke cola

    —–my name is Keryn—-


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