Hutch & Co Lilydale


On the weekend my companion and I went to Hutch & Co in Lilydale after hearing so many good things about it. I was super excited and looking forward to my brunch date. When walking in I noticed that the cafe was really busy but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The warehouse ambiance with the globe drop lighting set the mood for a great time.


After being shown to a table we were given menus and asked what we wanted to drink. I of course chose my usual weak latte. Before we even looked at the menu the waitress asked us if we knew what we wanted. With a slightly confused look I said that we would need to look over the menu first. While waitress 1 went to put our drink order in, waitress 2 came within the minute and asked us if we were ready to order. Umm nope, still looking!

After receiving our drinks I ordered the brekkie roll which was on a brioche bun with fried egg, bacon, spinach, house made relish with a hash brown. My companion chose a dish that I cannot remember the name of but it consisted of baked beans, smoked ham, halloumi (I think) and other things cooked in a beautiful rich sauce.


My companion’s dish was really tasty, full of flavour and I had total food envy. My brekkie roll sadly lacked flavour and was quite ordinary. The only thing that stood out was the house made relish and what was because it was way too thick and way too sweet. I was a bit sad as my coffee was quite ordinary too. Was nice and smooth but lacked flavour and depth.

20151017_111056 20151017_111132

Not long after we had finished a waitress came and whisked our plates away, the same happened when we finished our drinks as well. We were not asked if we wanted more food or drink and felt as though this was a fast food shop where they just want to clear tables.

Now don’t get me wrong, the waitresses were pleasant but in robotic motion where because of the volume of people they just wanted to get people to eat and then leave. This sadly had me on edge and I found it very difficult to relax and enjoy my company. That accompanied with the high volume of noise I really didn’t have a nice relaxing brunch.

All up with food, coffee, service and ambience, I give Hutch & Co a 7/10. I would possibly be back to try something new and maybe on a week day? I would also like to thank Kim O, Susan C, Justine JH and Yvonne C for their suggestion.

Annie Bean xx

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7 thoughts on “Hutch & Co Lilydale

  1. I eat regularly here and love it! I love the Brekky platter and something Benny, both are superb! I certainly don’t consider hate place as fast food and don’t think I’ve ever felt rushed. So a very interesting review

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    1. Terrible review!
      I can’t take you seriously…
      You complained about service about drinks (what do you expect from a weak latte…)
      about food, again about service backed up by the waitresses being “pleasant”… But that you felt on “edge” and there was too much noise making you unable to enjoy yourself…
      What is worthy of such a high score amongst this???
      I have personally eaten there, the food is fresh and inventive, the menu needs more and the service is over the top friendly but I can’t complain about that given the volume of people they serve…
      Re-think your reviews.
      That was Shite to be fair!

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      1. Hi Sarah.. Thank you so much for your comment.. I am not sure if you know a lot about coffee but as someone who has worked in the industry I can tell you that a weak latte should not mean tasteless. You can have a double strength latte or a weak latte and it should still highlight the flavour of the bean. Either the bean is not that great or they only put a drop of coffee in my cup!

        I felt on edge because although the waitress was not rude my table did feel like a production line and we were not able to sit and relax and enjoy our time there. It was all a bit rushed and the valued customer service lacked.

        I gave them 7/10 because although it could of been a better experience, my companions food was amazing and I rated his food a high 9, also the decor of the cafe was studding, also a high 9. So with that in consideration, along with the negatives, holistically it was a 7/10 πŸ™‚


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