Eastland Stage 1 Opening Shops


Today I was one of those mad people who line up at the opening of shopping centre. Eastland were proudly opening their stage 1 revamp and I lined up at 8am to catch a glimpse of Jessica Mauboy opening the new Target.

First the opening started off with an Aboriginal elder speaking about the land that Target is on and the history of his people. He then said a blessing over the store to open it.

20151029_083123 20151029_083126 20151029_084302

Jessica then came to cut the ribbon and was as lovely as she is on TV or in pictures. She was so sweet and full of smiled and acknowledged all those who were there to see her.

20151029_085040 20151029_085039 20151029_085036 20151029_085021
When walking through Target I noticed that they sold the bean lab jelly beans to which I totally squealed out loud! Β SOL haha!


I then exited the shop and noticed that they had a Vans store! I so have my shopping already done for the males in my family!


I then saw the OshKosh store which I love and it saves me ever going to Doncaster.


I then went to Toyworld and although it is a nice looking store it is a lot smaller than the previous shop when they were located near JB HiFI.


Then you had the big names such as David Jones and Uniqlo which is such a treat for out here in Ringwood. I can see them becoming very busy!

20151029_101212 20151029_104717 20151029_101326
T2 was a dream but I could not spend too long in there as I had a toddler with me.. Thank goodness I had a friend come along but it started to get hectic haha.


I then when to Mecca Maxima and totally drooled. I think that I need a second job or I am going to become very broke! They were also giving out lollipops which was a total score!

20151029_101749 20151029_101925
H&M and Victorias Secret is just another 2 big named stores that have opened and after seeing Victorias Secret I may need a 3rd job!! Hello my name is Annie and I am in danger of becoming a shopaholic!

20151029_102122 20151029_102201
I went into the town square expecting to see the all the eateries open but most of them were still being worked on and were bot open for business.. Now I am not sure when they are open but it was a HUGE let down that they were closed. Eateries such as Brioche, Hunky Dory, Ang Ang, Pacos Tacos, Huxtaburger, Jimmy Grants and many more.

20151029_102907 20151029_102837 20151029_102715 20151029_102652 20151029_102636

The town square is still being tidied up but looks amazing with lots of trees, places to eat, book stores and a vegetable garden! (P.S I was totally photo bombed by this random guy haha)

20151029_102726 20151029_104805

I only got to see but a small fraction of what was opened today but I cannot wait to explore more, drink more coffee and eat more food!

Annie Bean xx

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