Huxtaburger Eastland


Hi my wonderful readers. As promised I did go to Huxtaburger for lunch today and wow, it was amazing!

When you walk in you are greeted by a 1950’s style burger joint, the type you would see on Happy Days or your typical 1950’s style movie such as Grease. The colour theme was cool and crisp and the cooks and servers were all in a cool white uniform.

20151030_114004 20151030_114924

After looking on the board I decided to order the Huxtaburger with bacon added, a small chips and a salted caramel milkshake. I had been waiting sooooo long to try the salted caramel shake with my burger and was a little bit over excited! Because I was a Huxtaburger virgin I forgot to grab a table first.. You really need to as your table number is painted on top.. To not lose my spot I ordered as a take away and then sat at my table.

The table had the menu on top which was really cool and a basket with tomato sauce, a chilli sauce (I think) and salt. There was also a silver holder of napkins.


After about 10 minutes my name was called and I was given a take away bag with my burger and fries. The girl who served me remembered that I was eating in and out my shake into a silver milkshake cup so that it was nice and cold (Thank you)

20151030_115618 20151030_115746

Now I have been trying to find a way to describe the taste sensation that happened when I bit into my burger.. Some words that came to mind were- OMG, wow, incredible, this is amazeballs, I am in heaven, give me more! The burger was so so tasty with the bacon cooked to crispy perfection and complementing the juicy patty and the greasy, buttery bun! The sauce and salad added extra pop and I felt as though i was in an American diner eating a good ol fashioned greasy burger! The salted caramel shake went amazing with the burger and balanced out the tastes and the chips were crisp on the outside (almost like glass) and fluffy on the inside. I was in burger heaven!

All up my experience was very positive. The staff were super friendly and welcoming, the decor was incredible and retro and the food was unforgettable.

I give Eastland Huxtaburger a 9/10!

Annie Bean xx

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7 thoughts on “Huxtaburger Eastland

  1. went their today fri 30th oct. Had to wait 40 for the Theo burger also they lost my order. The food was nice tho . No one apologizes for the stuff up except a guy cooking who gave me a free drink, he was nice the chick behind the counter didnt care. The where pretty busy tho, but still the experience was ok. Guy handing out loyality card was friendly. Customer service could be improved as people in front of me got 2 refunds for late meals not showing up as well. Also the chick behind the counter didnt know anything about the loyality system. Which was anoyin. As i believe every staff member should be on the same page. And provie the best possible experience to wow the customer everytime. As i work in retail myself.


    1. Wow that is terrible to hear that your experiences wasn’t that great. I totally agree with you that everyone should be on the same page.. They better all know about the loyalty program when I go there again because I want points for a free burger :-p

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      1. Yeah coz the people employed to sign u up. Dont acually work for them. Its a completlly different company who only deal in loyality points for different places. Cox huxtaburger dont even use the huxtaburger app. I had to download an app called rewardle.


  2. Have you eaten at Local Burger co on Bayswater rd?
    The size and taste of their burgers are my most favourite.

    I am just wondering how you would compare the two?
    Price doesn’t matter to me if the food is worth it.


  3. I am a Local Burger Co obsessive.

    How would you compare Huxtaburger to LBC as a decent burger?

    I have always been impressed with LBC. Great food. Huge serves. Decently priced.


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