Brioche By Philip Eastland


This morning I woke up on the wrong side of bed. I was still very tired and in need of a good coffee and something buttery and delicious. My I hate mornings mood took a quick turn as I remembered that Broche by Philip had opened at the new Eastland town square, so I hurriedly got ready and made my way down there..

Brioche was still under renovation but that did not stop people lining up just to get their hands on a sweet buttery pastry. There were so many things to choose from such as croissants, nutella donuts, danishes, brioche, bread and lots more!


After looking over all the yummy things to choose from I chose a blueberry and custard brioche and a chocolate danish for my friend (Which I may of had a bite of) I also ordered my usual weak latte as I saw that they used 5senses coffee YUM!


The brioche was super fresh and yummy with the right amount of fruit and custard ratio and totally melted in my mouth. The danish was full of chocolate and I was so happy that Brioche does not skimp out on the good stuff!  My weak latte was smooth and had a nice chocolate middle, or that could of been my taste buds still relishing that danish!


All in all, even with a cafe still under construction, Brioche was amazing! The staff were friendly and took the time to explain what pastry was what and have beautiful welcoming smiles. The food and the coffee was brilliant and has made me want to come again.

I give Brioche By Philip an 8.9/10!

Annie bean  xx

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