Hunky Dory Eastland


Today for lunch I decided to visit Hunky Dory at Eastland. I had been shopping for hours and i wanted to sit and have something amazing to eat. I saw a lot of people lining up and thought that this place must be good and my inquisitiveness got the better of me!


I lined up and decided on ordering take away so that my friend and I could sit outside. A maitre’d was standing inside if the door with menus but did not ask us if we were dining in or if we were taking away. She kind of just stood there and smiled. I joined the line and I had a quick look over the menu.

I decided on some snack food and ordered a medium chips, a seafood stick, 1 prawn cutlet, 2 fish bites and 2 steamed dim sims with soy sauce. When I asked the lady taking our order for some tomato sauce she told me that it would be with our takeaway food as we ordered chips (bonus) Β Now I am not sure if it was because the place was super busy but the lady taking the orders seemed to not like what she was doing, didn’t smile and just in a rush to forget us and move on. I am hoping that this isn’t normal for them and that customer service will improve.

I waited for 20 minutes for my order which was reasonable as the place was really super busy. I watched the cooks in the kitchen whipping up a storm and working together in unison and the floor manager checking orders and delegating like a seasoned professional! I also drooled over the salads and next time I am sooo going to try some!


When I opened my food it was hot and smelled super incredible! The chips were cooked to golden perfection, the fish bites were Β soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, the cutlet and the seafood stick were golden goodness and the dim sim was soft and morish! Β However my friend and I could not get through it all and will order a small chips next time haha.


All up with the customer service which could of been better and the tasty cooked to perfection food, I give Hunky Dory a 7.5/10. P.S… There was no tomato sauce, just a really tarty tarate sauce!

Annie bean xx

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