Caffe Cherry Beans


Whilst shopping at the new Eastland the other day I decided to visit Caffe Cherry Beans which is located near Harris Scarfe.

The gentleman taking the order was pleasant and helped me choose my cake as I was rather undecided! I also ordered my usual weak latte!

The cake came out first. I ordered a raspberry friand and it looked great. Sadly it did not taste as good as it looked. In fact the friand tasted like mixed herbs! Almost like a focaccia.. I knew then that they Β must of used the same tongs as they did on one of their savory items leaving my food to taste weird!




My coffee came out and that also looked good but was bitter and not drinkable at all. I ended up leaving it and my friand unfinished on the table!




Cross contamination is a no no for me, that combined with bitter coffee I give Caffe Cherry Beans a 4/10.


Annie Bean xx

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9 thoughts on “Caffe Cherry Beans

  1. Some people are so darn picky. Most food shops have some kind of problem, whether it be cleanliness or food freshness and more. Though tou expect something nice when paying for it. Often not the case.
    People hve too much time on their hands writing this stuff. Make your own cake and weak latte and then you can judge your own making.


    1. Hi Alex. I used to work in the food industry and did and still do make my own coffee and cake and not ever cross contaminated or had a bitter coffee..

      This is not complaining, this is highlighting the poor practices of some people.. It is not hard to make a decent coffee or to not cross contaminated..


      1. It happens in sooo many places. Without one even knowing. Wonder how the food prep is managed. If no one sees it.
        Best place to eat and drink for me so far? Home.

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  2. I am loving all your reviews of cafes in the yarra valley. I am happy to spend my very hard earned money on local food businesses however am constantly frustrated by poor quality food and terrible service its so good to avoid the disappointment by reading your reviews. Thanks.


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