Earlier this week I decided to head to Caffe Stazione at Eastland for lunch as I read about it online and was looking forward to some good Italian food.

When arriving at the new food hub I walked up and down and I could not find it. I asked customer service and they could not help me and so I ended up asking a lovely security guard.

The security guard was Italian and let me know that the cafe was just inside the doors of Realm. He then went on to explain that cafe was named Stazione as it means station and it is located directly across from Ringwood station. I thought that was really cool and proceeded to make my way there..


When I walked in I was confused as to what to do.. There was a large display of food and the coffee machine with some baristas and servers standing behind there, but I could not see where to order or if someone had to show me my seat?



After a couple of minutes of standing there and no one giving me eye contact I decided to ask someone what the process was. I had to look over what I wanted and then order at the counter which was at the other end of the display and not visible at all. Glad I asked as I would of been standing there looking stunned and not knowing what to do haha.


I looked over the items and was ready to order but then was told that they did not have EFTPOS yet but they would in 2 days. The lady behind the counter was really friendly and I really wanted to try the cafe so I came back with some cash.

I was with a friend and ordered a slice of margherita pizza, Ā a Tazze dolci which is a mango mousse, a pear tart and a ham tartine (Mini roll) Also my usual weak latte!

It was brought over by a wonderful waiter who could see that our small table was crammed so he put another table next to ours so we could spread the food out. Such a sweetie!

The food was incredible! With each mouthful I couldn’t help but tell my friend how fresh and delicious the food was. The pizza was full of flavour, my tartine was fresh and delicious and the sweets were amazing and also just as fresh..


My poor coffee however was bitter and I could not feel the love in this poor little cup.



All up though taking into account that at first I was ignored, the lovely order lady, the kind waiter, the amazing food and the bitter coffee, I give a rounding score of 7/10 for Caffe Stazione.


Annie Bean xx

Caffe Stazione Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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