Little Buddy Cafe

On the weekend I visited Little buddy cafe in Ringwood North. I had heard some great things about this place and even had a follower of my blog suggest that I check it out. I was expecting great things.

When I walked in I instantly loved to cool nerdy vibe that it had with marvel wall hangings, battlestar galactica memorabilia and items from Back to the future, Dr Who and so on. I also loved the cool retro music in the background and how the cashier was dressed like she was from the 1950’s.


The place was fairly busy but I could see a table or 2 and we stood there waiting to be seated. I had a waitress walk passed us twice, the cashier ignoring us and the 3 minutes of standing there was so awkward. Eventually I stepped over and asked the waitress if we could have a table and she then proceeded to seat us.

The waitress asked us what we wanted to drink and I chose a weak latte. She then asked us what we wanted to eat and I had to ask for a few minutes just to look over the menu.

After looking at the options I decided on the corn fritters with salsa, avocado and I added a side of bacon. Mr Bean asked if they could make a chicken sandwich with avocado, spring onions, cheese and mayo and they were more than accommodating!

My coffee came out and I have to say that it was one of the best coffees that I have ever tasted. Beautiful notes of chocolate and a woody edge. it was so good that when I had finished I ordered another one.



Mr Beans sandwich came out after 15 minutes and it not only looked delicious, it was delicious and I wish that I had ordered the same thing!


As he ateΒ  I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally after 10 minutes my food came out and at that point Mr Bean had finished eating. My dish looked so good and I couldn’t wait to eat it. I took a mouthful and it was luke warm, nearing on cold! I thought maybe I didn’t get enough corn cake so tried that and nope, that was luke warm too. I then tried the bacon and that was cold!



I could of cried, my dish that didn’t come out at the same time as Mr Beans was terrible and my whole experience robbed! I let the waitress know that my dish must of just been sitting around in the kitchen and forgotten about and was now cold. She said sorry and said it was busy and the kitchen didn’t let her know but she could get them to make another dish. At that stage I did not want to have to wait again so I politely declined.

When we went to pay for the food I noticed that they had given us a discount of $7 which was nice but no word mentioned.

So all up with the lack of service at the beginning, the fab coffee, the atmosphere and my cold food that was forgotten, I give Little buddy cafe a 4.3/10. I would be back for their coffee but never again for their food  😦

Annie Bean xx

Little Buddy Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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