Zukka Cafe



I have liked in Ringwood for 6 years now and for some reason never had food or coffee at Zukka cafe in Eastland! Well after a friend telling me how amazing it was I decided to go and have a look for myself.

After a busy morning of Christmas shopping I decided to stop in for some brunch. I was quite impressed by their salad bar which consisted of fruits, salad vegetables, cheeses and meats. Everything looked fresh and delicious, all ready to make fresh sandwiches and rolls!



At the other end there was a selection of hot food such as pies andΒ voulez le vous. After looking over the delicious food I decided on a chicken and mushroom vol au vent and a weak latte.

The first bite of my vol au vent was amazing, it was hot and crispy and the inside was creamy and tasted similar to a chicken mornay. Sadly as I came closer to the middle it was just warm and then as I reached the edges again hotness! So a bit of a mixed bag there haha.



My latte was pretty average, not terrible, not great just not memorable. If this was the only coffee place open I would drink their coffee so that is a positive.



The customer service though, wow! This is one of the most friendliest cafes that I have been to so far. From the cashier, to the waiter to the gentleman who brought me my coffee, they were just fab! All smiles, cheeky jokes and a presence that made me feel at ease and really enjoy the experience. I also found it to be cheap! $7.50 for a vol au vent and a weak latte is just amazing!

Will I be back, very much yes! However this time I want to try one of their delicious sandwiches.

As a total I give Zukka cafe a 7.5/10 Β πŸ™‚


Annie Bean xx

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6 thoughts on “Zukka Cafe

  1. Hi, I mean no offence but can you please take your reviews off maroondah noticeboard. Its irritating and my friends all agree. You have a nice website but can you please stop advertising on there.


    1. Hi Jean, thank you for commenting. I am sorry that it is annoying to you and your friends but many others on the page like my reviews and seeing it on there. I think it a great way to highlight different cafes in the local area. If you don’t like it there should be an option to not see my stuff or if not you can just scroll passed. Have a lovely day πŸ™‚


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