Jimmy Grants Ringwood



The other day I decided on trying Jimmy Grants for lunch. I have wanted to try it for months and am not sure why I haven’t yet, but took the leap!

I have to sheepishly admit that I am a Jimmy newbieΒ and haven’t tried the beautiful Greek food that he has to offer so it was time to try! I walked in and the restaurant had a nordic theme a bit like Barnacle Bills in Adelaide. All the staff were also wearing clothes that you would see in Greek movies by the shores, lots of blue and white stripes!

I stood at the sign that said take away as I was going to take my food outside to eat. I stood there for about 5 minutes and during that time there was a lady who seemed to be the manager on a personal call who didn’t even give me eye contact. After 5 minutes I decide to eat and when the waitress came over I told her that no one served me so I would just eat there. She was very apologetic and asked the person who was meant to be there to look after take aways.

There was so many yummy options and after looking over the menu I decided on a bonegilla souvas which was a souvlaki that consisted of chicken, lamb, mustard aioli, chips, onion and parsley. I also ordered a side of plain chips and even though I am a weak latte kind of girl I also ordered a sweet Greek coffee because YOLO!


The waitress took my order and was really nice explaining to me what a Greek coffee was and I was made to feel really welcome. I think that they felt really terrible at the stuff up at the beginning.

It didn’t take too long for my plate of Greek goodness to be brought to my table. The pita was so soft and fluffy, better than anything I had tried before, the chicken was tasty and the sauce was aioli was incredible but there was not enough of it! Sadly the lamb was very overcooked, dry and tough around the outside making it unpleasant to eat. The chips were golden and crunchy and were a great side dish!


The coffee, haha the coffee.. Now remember that I am a weak latte girl, I found the coffee to not be too bad. It was a bit grainy and I am not sure if it is meant to be like that, but it did have a nice taste. However I am sticking to my lattes!


All up as a whole experience I give Jimmy Grants in Ringwood a 7.5/10 Β πŸ™‚


Annie Bean xx

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One thought on “Jimmy Grants Ringwood

  1. I only recently tried Jimmy Grants too. Agreed. Best pita bread out there :). I’m definitely heading back, but maybe I’ll stick to the chicken after your experience with the lamb. The Nonna Maria was amazing.


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