While I was in the city the other day I decided to get some afternoon tea. It was late afternoon and I had 3:30itis!!

I was walking along Degraves when I saw a nice little eatery proudly boasting of nutella donuts! Well I had never tried nutella donuts before and I was very excited to try them.

I approached RMB cafe and there was a very friendly server greeting people and seated me promptly. The place had an amazing smell and if it was dinner time I would of def tried one of their pastas. As time was short I ordered a weak latte and a nutella donut. The waitress asked if I wanted it heated and the thought of warm oozy nutella was too good to resist!

The donut came out and it looked amazing! beautifully presented with chocolate drizzle glistening on the light. Sadly as I cut into the donut I could smell that it was stale and at best 2-3 days old. It is like that really strong yeast smell that you get when leaving a bun in the cupboard for about 3 days. When I bit into it the donut was hard and chewy and not pleasant at all. It was not really heated and the only good bit was the nutella in the middle!



The coffee was a good coffee. Nice milky flavour and silky smooth to drink. I am glad that the coffee was nice as I needed to drink the donut down!



All up the atmosphere was nice, the customer service great, the coffee brilliant but my donut a flop and it makes me wary to try anything else if they are serving stale donuts!

So all up I give RMB cafe a 6/10.


Annie Bean xx

RMB Cafe Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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