Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie


The other day I was wanting a quick bite to eat in between shopping and walking around so I stopped into the newly opened Laurent in Eastland shopping centre.

The cafe itself looked rather fancy yet the menu was rather basic. Sandwiches, rolls, cakes, pies etc. After looking over the menu I decided on a weak latte and chocolate macaroons.

The waitress was lovely and brought me out my 2 macaroons which were lights, fluffy and melt in the mouth!



The latte was Β nice tasting coffee. I could tell it was a generic blend but it was pleasant and I would come back for coffee any time.



For a quick bite or some lunch I would recommend Laurent and give it an 8/10.


Annie Bean xx

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2 thoughts on “Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie

  1. I went to Laurent at Eastland for the first time yesterday. I was looking forward to a nice coffee and something small to eat. I ordered a latte for myself and my friend. I also ordered a beef burgundy pie and I was told it came with salad, as I was happy to order a separate salad but told it was OK. Unfortunately the coffee was very weak and not a nice taste at all. My pie was burnt and dry on the inside and the salad was some gourmet lettuce leaves with mayo on them. I disappointed and wouldn’t return. There are so many other options at Eastland now. Very disappointing for chain that I would have thought would have had a much better standard. 5 out of 10 for me.

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    1. What a terrible experience. . I would of asked for my money back if I was served that! The salad sounds laughable.. If you are after a nice pie and salad try Jamaica blue or Zukka near the Commonwealth bank πŸ™‚


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