Ramen and dumpling house



The other night my husband and I went to Ramen and dumpling house in Carnegie. I had purchased a 2 for $29 voucher from Scoopon and was excited to try some dumplings!



When we arrived we parked out the back and noticed piles and piles of rubbish at the back of the restaurant. It all looked thrown there and I hoped that it was not a reflection of what was to come.

I do need to tell you that I booked 2 weeks ago and then the night before I called to confirm and they had no record of me booking! So I then re booked. When we walked in once again there was no record of me booking!! That was so so awkward! Thankfully they gave us a table, but it did not stop there! 3 times! 3 times the manager came up to me as he was confused about the booking and then after finally looking through the book found me booked for the next day! Oh sheesh, like seriously, how many times do you want to stuff up my booking?

Anyway after looking over the menu we decided to start with chicken fried rice and vegetable spring rolls. The fried rice looked amazing but was a sad let down. It lacked flavour and the chicken tasted like cheap processed chicken. It was really odd and almost cube like in places and really not edible. The spring rolls were processed and not fresh at all. If these are not from a frozen pack then Bob is my Uncle!!


Next we decided on pan fried chicken and prawn dumplings and the spring onion cake. The dumplings were too fried and tasted okay but nothing I would return for. Small defrosted prawns were also a let down in my dumplings. The spring onion cake was flavourless and really dry and hard to eat. Things were just not going our way!


Lastly hubby decided on the wonton soup.. It was so salty that he could not even eat it and even when I had a taste I found it too taste like drinking sea water.



It is really sad that the quality of food was poor as was the booking experience. They do have another menu aside from all you can eat dumplings but after the poor ingredients we were served, I would be very apprehensive to try anything else.

The plus side was that the staff were nice and friendly.

For Ramen and dumpling house I give them a 3/10..


Annie Bean xx


Ramen & Dumpling House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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