8Bit Melbourne CBD

Anyone who is anyone has known for a while that 8bit was opening yesterday (Friday) Fans of their Footscray had been chattering over social media and it was indeed a well anticipated day.

As usual with the grand opening of places, 8bit had people lining up outside the door. The buzz was electric as everyone wanted to get their hands on a burger.



When I walked in I noticed that it was standing room only aside from some chairs at the windows. My friend sat down and waited as I stood in the line for someone to leave so we could nab their seat!


The young guy taking my order was in robot mode and didn’t seem to have any time for personality. AnotherΒ downside was that he was assumative, like I had been there before, well to their other eatery. As I fumbled my order he did little to offer any help. Β We ordered 2 8bit burgers with cheese and added bacon, small fries and a bottle of sprite.



I waited and waited and waited and waited. It took about 35 minutes for my order, but it was opening day so I forgive them for that. I watched the team cook and watched a young lady who was delegating and holding the ship. She was doing such a fab job!



When it was time for me to collect myΒ burger, it looked amazing! All the colours were vibrant and I was sure that it was going to taste great!


My first bite was tasty as I could tell that there was a little spice in the meat, but as I kept on eating my experience was just dull. I could not taste any sauce, I know there was some on there but it was hard to tell and the oil on the bun just sat there, it wasn’t even cooked in. This gave me a very unpleasant gross oil taste in my mouth all day and I felt really sick afterward.


The chips were really yummy and had a nice seasoning to them. I was so full though that I gave the rest to my friend.


I really hope that this was just opening day teething problems, that the front desk customer service really improves and the burgers taste better. After yesterday I am not sure that I want to see another burger in a while.


All up I give 8bit in the CBD a 5.7/10.


Annie Bean xx


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