Patricia Coffee

Normally I don’t like to look too far for a good cup of coffee but after a friends suggestion and awesome reviews I thought that I would try Patricias coffee in the CBD.

Feeling adventurous I decided to walk from the mall all the way up to Patricia coffee which was basically up the high end of Little Bourke. After making it to the trump (Plays Eye of the tiger) I was really hoping that I was going to have a great cup of coffee.

When I walked in I was greeted with a lovely hello and the young girl took my order. As I waited for my weak white coffeeย I noticed that the staff knew all the regulars by name and always smiled. Not only that everyone looked happy!

Looking around I saw that Patricia coffee sold their own beans in cool little tins and I will be back soon to buy some! They also have an amazing selection of yummy treats. Everything was just feel good from the flowers on the window ledge to the upbeat vibe.


Now my latte.. Umm wow! Now this place only offers white coffee, black filtered or white filtered. No lattes or anything like that.. But once again wow! if I had not been told I would not know that this was not a latte! This was the most creamiest, most tastiest, most memorable coffee that I have ever had!

This place is a hidden gem, so once you get to the black building you must go around to the side/back of it as this is a cute little hole in the wall cafe. Standing room only aside from a few crates outside!


For Patricia coffee I give them a 9.9/10!!!!! Best score ever!


Annie Bean xx


Patricia Coffee Brewers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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