Pacos Tacos Eastland

Yesterday I finally got around to going to Pacos Tacos for lunch. I have been wanting to go for so long but for some reason kept on missing the opportunity.  It was also such a beautiful sunny afternoon that I could not go passed having some Mexican!

Looking over the menu I decided to have a chicken taco and some chips. When I asked the young man for chips he asked me if I wanted the kids chips or the Polo chips? Well when in Rome, in this case mexico, do what the Mexicans do! So i chose the Polo chips. For a drink I chose a guava soda, mmm yummy!




I decided to sit outside and after not too long my taco came out. It was so yummy looking and popping with colour that I could not wait to eat eat!  Whoa hot tamale! This taco was on fire! By ingredients I could not tell that the taco was going to be spicy but as I looked closer it had a green chilli looking sauce on it! It may be the spiciest thing that I have ever eaten but I kept on eating because it was so so unbelievably good!



My chips, or in this case cubes potatoes were brought out to me and they looked amazing. I first saw the jalapenos and quickly moved them to the side. I wasn’t quite sure what the sauce was so tried a little bit first to be safe haha. Glady it wasn’t spicy. The potatoes were so yummy. Golden and crispy on the outside and  soft on the inside. The sauce was a beautiful accompaniment! Sadly I was full and could not eat them all but I could just eat these for lunch!




The atmosphere was really relaxing and the staff were super friendly. I felt like a long time customer and will be back for sure!



For Pacos Tacos at Eastland  I give an 8.5/10 !


Annie Bean xx

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