Tobys Estate CBD

Today when I was in the city I decided to pop into Tobys Estate. I had tried their coffee beans before from another cafe and they tasted great so I was just a little bit excited.

Nestled down a side street and with a small sign it was a little difficult to find but in the end I found it. Just like Melbourne with all the amazing decorations, Tobys Estate did not fail to impress.. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


The barista behind the counter took my order and he seemed to be in process mode. For a nice change I ordered a weak iced latte with 2 sugars. The barista told me that they add condensed milk for sweetness so I did not need any sugar. I was excited to try this as I never had an iced latte made that way. I also chose a carrot cake muffin as I had 330itis!

As I waited I noticed the nice display of take home coffee beans and other goodies and I was contemplating grabbing a bag before I left.. That was until I tried my coffee!



My coffee was so STRONG and bitter that I did not know how I was going to drink it all. I even had to add some sugar and although it was an iced latte I did not care, I wanted to drink what I had paid for. Sadly it only slightly improved the coffee and I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth.. Surely the muffins was nice, right? WRONG!



My muffin was so hard that it was difficult to cut with the spoon. It did not taste fresh at all and was just dull and dense. I ate the icing and left most of the muffin on the plate.



I wish that I could say the customer service was fab but the barista was texting as I left and I had to say thank you and goodbye for him to even acknowledge that I was leaving.. So not a friendly place at all.


So with a sad heart I give Tobys Estate a 4.5/10..


Annie Bean xx


Toby's Estate Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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