Enrik’s Blackburn

Happy New Year everyone.. My first blog for 2016 yay!! I was invited to try the lovely Enrik’s in Blackburn so my Husband and I went there for some brunch.

Located across from the Blackburn train station Enrik’s shone with beauty and glamour. My senses lit up as the outside looked a little English regal with a splash of modern.



When we walked in the lovely waitress asked us if we were wanting a table and then offered us a nice little table looking out the window. We ordered our drinks and looked over the menu. As i decided on the Enrik’s brekkie grill with grilled kransky, poached eggs, bacon tomato and sourdough my weak latte arrived.


I looked at the sugar bowl and realized that they used Vittoria coffee which is one of my least fav generic coffee brands. I was very happy to say though that my coffee was pleasant and not bitter at all like I anticipated! Just shows that the barista has mad skills!


Talking to my husband I noticed the cool central bar and the kitchen out the back where you can see the chefs cooking. I could def see this place being busy on the weekends as it is in a prime location with plenty to offer!


Our brunch arrived and it looked delicious. It had a lovely smell and came out hot which is always a plus for me haha. All the elements were cooked well and tasted great. The only down side was the kransky. For me I found it overpowering and would of preferred a chicken sausage or something like that as I found that it didn’t work well with the rest of the food.



After we finished we waited for a while to be asked if we wanted anything else but no one came. When the waitress did finally come she cleared pur plates but did not offer us anymore coffee. The place wasn’t busy but it seemed as though they didn’t want people to hang there for too long?

All in all the staff were friendly, the restaurant has a lovely setting, the food was your standard breakfast food.. Nothing bad, nothing spectacular, just a good ol breakfast and the coffee was quite nice for a generic brand coffee!

So all up I give Enrik’s in Blackburn a very happy 7.5 out of 10  🙂


Annie Bean xx


Enrik's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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