Coffeehead Camberwell



Today I went to Coffeehead in Camberwell (AKA 1961 Coffee) as I had not been for quite a while and I was excited to review them. Walking up the building itself looked a little bit dull, not as bright as I remember it? Fingers crossed I was hoping that inside would tell a much different story!



When I walked in I was greeted by a lovely waiter who showed me to a table, placed water and a menu on the table and asked if I wanted to order coffee. I had a look at the blends on offer and I decided on Black Betty which is their very own blend! The waiter then explained the specials for today and left me to decide.



There were so many delicious choices from the eggs benny, the big head breakfast, porridge and so much more, but I decided on the delicious sounding ricotta pancakes with caramelised mango and banana, sweetened ricotta, mint and ginger crumbs. With that I also ordered a side of bacon because a girl needs her bacon!


While I was waiting for my food my latte arrived and wow oh wow! I cannot begin to explain how delicious this was! As soon as I took my first sip it felt like the coffee enveloped me and gave me a big hug!! I seriously have not experienced that before, plus the coffee looked sensational!



Looking around I noticed coffee beans for sale. From Padre, to Perky Joe and my new favourite Black Betty. The shelves were lined with many choices and I know that I will be back once I buy a new grinder!



The open kitchen made a really nice change as I could see the food being made and the vibrancy of the chefs. Close by was the salad and sandwich bar which had some mouth watering options and I am excited to go back for lunch soon. That couple with the fresh juice bar anyone would be happy eating here!


My food came and it looked amazing! I was a little wary about the ricotta as I remembered that when I was a child I stuck my finger in a tub of ricotta thinking that it was cream cheese! Needless to say I almost vomited and vowed of ricotta for a long time.. Happy to say that this was not the case here. The pancakes were firm and soft, the ricotta was sweet and creamy and the banana and mango was a perfect balance for the whole dish. Plus my side of bacon was incredible, but who could complain about bacon?!?



The floor manager was so very friendly and asked me how my food was and offered me more coffee. I know that is his job but it is nice to be asked. You could tell that the Coffeehead team were close like a family as the banter between them was light and fun and there was just a warm feeling about the place. I felt super happy to of been there.



So all up everything was pretty much perfect, I could not really fault anything.. All up I give Coffeehead in Camberwell a lovely 9.5/10..


Annie Bean xx

1961 Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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