Brown Bagels



The other day I was in the City and had some time to kill so I decided to see where I could get a cheap but delicious breakfast. Upon reading reviews I came across Brown Bagels in Collins street. There was so many great reviews that I could not pass up giving them a try.

Located in the lane way right near NAB you will find Brown bagels nested amongst other cafes and restaurants promising great food. The signage makes it very easy to find and the aroma of freshly baking bagels is hard to miss.




When I walked in I noticed on the door the list of bagels you could choose from as well as on the board behind the counter. Everything from smoked chicken to turkey, ham to salami and even a vegie bagel for those who don’t eat meat. I was impressed with the choices and ended up getting a classic BLT on a cheese bagel. Yes you can even choose the flavour of the actual bagel, similar to subway subs! I also ordered my usual weak latte to have there.


My coffee came out and it looked incredible. The latte art was beautiful and the creamy texture was inviting. I forgot to ask them what beans they use but I should of because wow! The coffee tasted just as good as if you were to get it from the Sensory Lab or St Ali. I never thought I would get a great coffee from a bagel shop but I did!




When my bagel came out it was wrapped up in a paper bag so I proceeded to take it out and then try and cut it on the bag (using it as a plate) The lady behind the counter must of seen my struggle and rushed over with a plate and apologized for not bringing it on the plate in the first place. It was really sweet of her and really unexpected, however such a brief encounter warmed my heart.


The bagel was simply perfect. A nice crisp outer layer and warm and fluffy on the inside with an abundance of ingredients. Brown bagels do not skimp on fillings and with each bite I was in bagel heaven!



I was so happy with the happy customer service, the great coffee and taste bud popping bagel that I give Brown bagels an 8/10 Β πŸ™‚


Annie Bean xx


Brown Bagels Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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