Station st Cafe Nunawading

Today I woke up excited as I was going to try a cafe in Blackburn that I had not visited before. Sadly my heart sank as it was closed so Hubstar and I decided to try Station st cafe in Nunawading. Suitably named as the cafe is right near Nunawading station so you can just hop off and enjoy some food!

When we approached I was worried that we would not get a seat as the tables outside were full and from the front the cafe looked like it was small. Boy did I get a surprise! When we walked in the cafe was huge! Showing off its warehouse vibe the cafe stretched right to the back where the kitchen was situated and there was plenty of room to sit. Keeping with the vibe there was sketches around the bar and art lining the walls and everyone seemed relaxed and enjoying their Saturday morning brunch.


When we sat down the waitress came and took our drink orders. Predictable ol me had my usual weak latte and just as predictable Hubstar had his usual strawberry milkshake. Looking over the menu there were so many yummy things such as smashes avo with feta and chilli, their station st pancakes, eggs benny and so much more! In the end though I chose the breakfast wrap with bacon, fried eggs, hashbrowns, mixed salad, hollandaise and bbq sauce. I also asked for added cheese as I luuuuurve cheese!

Mr Marvels drink arrived first and it was lovely and thick and tasted super yummy. I was almost envious that I had not ordered a milkshake. My coffee arrived about 5 minutes after his drink which was okay but I would of liked them to arrive together. Sadly my coffee was not the best. It had a great flavour with caramel and milk chocolate notes but had a bitter edge. Either the machine was not cleaned or the extraction was all wrong. I decided to add an extra sugar but it ended up tasting like sugar syrup so I left it.



When our wraps came my eyes widened as they were huge! The presentation was a bit off as it was just placed like a long log on the plate (I moved it for the picture) However when taking my first bite it tasted amazing. I took another bite and noticed that it did not have cheese. I called the waitress over and let here know that there was no cheese and she took it back to the kitchen. When she came back she abruptly told me that there was cheese in the wrap and that she saw it, but maybe it had melted and I couldn’t see. She then let me know that they added more for me any way. Oh wow I was so very embarrassed being corrected like that and I felt awkward eating. Not only that there was no hollandaise sauce, or maybe there was, and that had just melted too!




All up the cafe had a nice feel, the ambiance was really relaxed, the service was not bad but not really memorable, just basic.. The coffee had potential but failed and the wrap was delicious but lacked some of the ingredients that were either used sparingly or not at all. We were also not offered any thing else to drink or eat which is a huge pet hate of mine! Not sure that I would be going back?

All up I give Station st cafe in Nunawading an average 6.5/10.


Annie Bean xx


Station Street Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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