Lecca Lecca Gelati Eastland

Ahhhh school holidays how I love you! This is the time of year that I can go into a toy store and act like a kid.. Now before you all get worried, I did have my 4yo with me!!

As we were heading to Toyworld I saw an ice cream shop called Lecca Lecca. I found the place quite interesting as it is also a juice bar! My little monkey was so excited that all through the toy shop all she could talk about was the ice cream!




I was greeted by a lovely young lady and let her know that we just needed a few minutes as there was soooo many flavours to choose from. Everything from rainbow, to mint, to chocolate and even luxuriousΒ flavours such as salted caramel and cookies and cream! Not to mention the sorbets that screamed “EAT ME!”



In the end Miss 4 chose a rainbow ice cream in a cup and I chose the mint choc chip.

The rainbow ice cream was everything that you could ask for. A beautiful bubble gum flavour and enough colours to have your kid climbing the walls!




The mint choc chip was glorious but could of done with a few more choc chips as when I was eating in 1/4 of the top had no choc chips at all! However the ice cream was creamy and packed a powerful punch of mint. This is def one for die hard mint fans!




All up I give Lecca Lecca an 8/10! So head down with your kiddos in the holidays and have some fun!


Annie Bean xx



Lecca Lecca Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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