Top bun burgers

Hi amazing foodies. As you know by now I loooove trying new places. So you could imagine my anticipation when I saw that a new burger cafe was opening up near where I live!!

Today was the day that I would try Top bun burgers in Croydon, located at the Burntbridge shopping centre.




When I walked in the first thing that I noticed was how fresh and open it looked. They really did a great job getting this place together. The lights looked like little bird cages and theΒ whole vibe was welcoming. That and the amazing staff who greeted me and were full of smiles! Not only did they engage me, they also engaged my daughter and made her feel welcomed as well (Very important)



I looked over the menu and ordered a bacon cheeseburger which was a burger with melted American cheese, top sauce which is a combo of tomato sauce, mustard and mayo.. Bacon, lettuce and tomato. I also ordered onion rings, small fries and a chocolate milkshake.




First my onion rings came out and they looked golden and delicious, and delicious they were. The batter was crunchy yet not too hard and the onion just melted. The only small negative was that there was too much salt on the, like overpowering. Maybe it is my palette and others like a lot of salt, but for me I will ask for only a small amount next time.




The chips were golden, crunchy and fluffy, exactly how a chip should be. But once again there was too much salt and I could not eat too many.




Finally my burger, the highlight of today. All I could say was mmm mmm mmm. The pattie was cooked to perfection and there was a generous amount of bacon to make any bacon lover happy. The only suggestion would be that they make their own signature sauce as the sauce combo was just too generic and didn’t really pop.




I am not sure if Top bun is geared more towards take away or eat in or both as it does have a big take away vibe. Very noticeable when my food was served in baskets and without napkins. Maybe if they want it to be more of a burger cafe to invest in plates and cutlery? This place is good but def has the potential to be great!


The shake was great, the food was good, prices affordable and the customer service was super friendly.




All up I give Top bun burgers a solid 7.5/10!


I’ve Bean To MelbourneΒ xx

Top Bun Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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