Yoyogi Eastland

Last night was one of those nights that will go down in history as memorable. I was already to go on a date with my Husband to a Japanese restaurant when he called to say that he left the car keys at work! *DOH* By the time we were able to find spare keys it was 8pm so we decided to venture to Eastland to see what they had to offer.

I was really hungry and I felt like some Asian food so I decided to try something different at Yoyogi. I normally buy the generic fried rice with honey chick and sweet and sour pork, but last night I wanted something fresh and delicious.




As I was looking over the menu I could not help but notice that their Sushi was reduced, and although I love sushi, I wanted something different. After scanning on the many choices I chose the Geki Kara Ramen.



Geki Kara Ramen is a ramen noodles in a broth with octopus balls, tempura prawns kimchi.

The dish was serves to me in a lovely bowl with my tempura prawns and octopus balls on a plate. The broth was a beautiful combination of salty and sweet with an awesome punch of chilli and the tempura prawns were light and crispy. The stand out for me were the octopus balls. They were made with real octopus that you could see, not some mashed up fake version, and they tasted amazing.



The staff were lovely and friendly and I really enjoyed my meal.


For Yoyogi at Eastland, I give them an 8/10!


I’ve bean To Melbourne xx


Yoyogi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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