Billy’s Kitchen Knox



Yesterday I was meeting a friend at Knox for lunch. I hadn’t been to Knox in over a year and decided to try The Groove Train. As I was walking towards The Groove train I noticed that Billy’s Kitchen was now at Knox. I am a big fan of Billy Barista at Eastlands, so changed my mind and decided to eat at Billy’s Kitchen.

My friend and I were greeted by a lovely waitress who showed us to a table and poured us some water. She said that we can choose anything from the breakfast menu or wait 15 minutes for the lunch menu to start. My friend and I decided to wait for lunch as we had not eaten that morning and wanted something big!

The waitress took our drink orders and I thought that I would choose something different than my usual latte and ordered an Emma &Β Tom’sΒ Iced tea with apple, cranberry and lime. The iced tea was beautiful and refreshing with the lime giving it a refreshing pop. I think that I am a fan of iced tea haha!




Looking over the menu we could not help but talk about all the wonderful food and choices. We were also chattering about our week and the ever patient waitress who came over twice to check if we had decided on what to eat, was just lovely. In the end we decided on sharing a Mexican pizza with fresh chilli, and a garlic pizza. I could not see garlic bread on the menu so this was the next best thing!

When the pizzas came out we could not believe how big they were!! For the cost we were expecting something a big smaller, but this was real value for money! The aroma that came from them was incredible and the colours were popping. I could not wait to try a piece!




I first tried the garlic pizza, and boy was it good. It was a gooey cheesy heaven on a pizza base. The herbs and the zing of the garlic was enough to scare off any vampire and to make a foodie like me one very happy girl.




The Mexican pizza was just as good. I don’t have chilli all the time so was wondering if this was going to be inferno hot or just right, and just right it was! The chorizo and the corn melded together and the fresh chilli was just the right amount to make the pizza pop! It was definitely a winner!




The restaurant had a beautiful relaxed vibe complimented by the friendly staff and the food and service was amazing. I cannot wait to see what more Knox has to offer and to visit Billy’s Kitchen again.


All up I given Billy’s Kitchen at Knox an 8.5/10!




I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx


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