Castello’s Daisey’s Hotel

On the weekend I had the pleasure to visit Daisey’s in Ringwood. A hotel branch from the Castello franchise and close to home, I was looking forward to trying their burgers!

When my friends and I walked in we waited to be seated. The floor manager grabbed some menus and just started walking. We figured to follow and so we did, he showed us our seats and left. He was pretty non verbal which was totally awkward, but we were happy to look over the menu.

We sat for a while and were waiting on the waitress to come and take our orders. No one came and when we went to ask what to do we were told to place our order at the kitchen. The same applied for the drinks, where we had to order from the bar. This to me felt a bit like a RSL  club instead of a hotel and really cheapened the experience.

I ordered a jug or raspberry soda as there were a few of us and it came out beautifully cold with ice. It was delicious and refreshing.




I then ordered the lamb burger and it came out looking incredible. I am very partial to lamb so this was my go to. With a Greek vibe to it with feta and garlic aoli I was hoping for something incredible. The burger was nice, great flavours, crispy fried bun, tasty lamb pattie, but lacked aoli. I could not tell if the burger even had aoli on it, that is how sparingly it had been used, if at all! However it was a nice burger. The side of chips were generous and tasted great! Crispy and fluffy, just how I like them!




So all up for Daisys giving the weird customer service, the confusing ordering system and the good food, I give them a 7.5/10.


I’ve Bean to Melbourne xx




Castello's Daisey's Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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