Royal Stacks CBD

Last week I decided to have lunch at Royal Stacks in Collins st. I had been meaning to go there for a while now, and with much pestering from a friend I took the leap! Boy, am I so glad that I did!

At first I could not notice Royal Stacks as it was hidden under leafy trees in a beautiful part of Collins st. From the nature of the street to the modern decor of the burger restaurant, I knew that I was in for a treat.



I was intensely looking over the menu board and the lovely waitress must of seen me squinting and handed me a menu. I giggled and had a look over their range of burgers. I was quite surprised that they had a vegetarian burger but not a chicken burger as most people cannot go passed a good friend chicken burger! Scanning over it I decided that today I would play it safe and I ordered a Single Stack. small fries and a vanilla bean milkshake.




My food came out and my burger looked fresh and tasty! I sat there hoping that it would taste the same. I took my first bite and I could not wipe the smile or the oozing burger sauce from my face. The pickle, cheese and pattie combination was incredible, and the spice in the sauce was something else! It was a seriously good burger!




The chips were hot and crispy and fluffy in the middle. I don’t think that I had ever had thin fries so perfectly cooked before and I enjoyed every mouthful.




And my milkshake, oh what indulgence! What I did not tell you is that they make their milkshakes with frozen custard, yes, FROZEN CUSTARD!! I could not slurp fast enough.. The milkshake was so creamy and think and custardy! Is that even a word? Haha, it is now! Once of the yummiest milkshakes that I have come across.




During my visit I had staff ask me how everything was and they were so friendly when greeting me and when I left. It really was a wonderful experience.


All up for Royal Stacks I give a solid 8.5/10!


I’ve Bean to Melbourne xx


Royal Stacks Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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