Eastland Stage 2 Opening- A foodies delight

Today I had the awesome pleasure of visiting Eastland and seeing the opening of stage 2 of new shops and eateries. I am sure that there were a few shops that I missed but I managed to take a few photo’s for you all and a couple of videos.. Also please, if you see a photo of yourself or family member that you do not want here, let me know and I can blur it for you xxx


First off I am going to start with my most exciting shops, and that is cafes and all things food haha. You will see here the pop up Zumbo store which will be at Eastlands for approx 6 weeks. I had a pancake and maple syrup macaroon and it totally melted in my mouth!



Then there was the Shingle Inn which I have been to at Fountain gate (I think that is where it was) and I can tell you that their cakes are A-mazing! I can’t wait to try the one here at Eastland.



A couple of classics showed up such as Breadtop bakery (Totally yum) and a revamped fancy Jamaica Blue!



I saved the best for last! And that is 400 Gradi!! It was not opened when I was there today but I am looking forward to an Italian feat and world class pizza!




I have also heard that there is a new cupcake place opening or open and a new Asian restaurant but I did not see them today.. Please let me know if you did and where to find them!!

Keep an eye out for the shops in part 2 of my blog  🙂


I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx

4 thoughts on “Eastland Stage 2 Opening- A foodies delight

  1. Hi. I also was at Eastland today. The cupcake central hasn’t arrived as yet but will be located around the corner from zumbo. The Golden Duck by Secret Kitchen is next door to Lavezzi opposite Endota Spa in Town Square. There are other eateries opening up in the coming months which will be amazing.

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