Eastland Stage 2 opening- Shops

Today I had the awesome pleasure of visiting Eastland and seeing the opening of stage 2 of new shops and eateries. I am sure that there were a few shops that I missed but I managed to take a few photo’s for you all and a couple of videos.. Also please, if you see a photo of yourself or family member that you do not want here, let me know and I can blur it for you xxx


Eastland today was full of surprises and loyal by bringing back some of our favourite brands. For the younger people, or the young at heart you will see Tiger Mist (very funky), Supre, Sportsgirl, Dotti and Forever new. All those stores today were buzzing with teens and young women with Tiger mist being a strong favourite. Let me know if you bought anything today!




For the kiddies we have Bardot kids, Kids stuff (Just magical), Build a bear and Games world. Now Games world might also be for the bigger kids such as me too, but don’t let anyone know I said that (total nerd girl)



We then take you on what I like to call The Fancy walk.. A corridor showing off stores such as Farrah, Sisko chocolate, 2+A, Merchants of change, Bromley and Co and so much more. Any lover of the finer things in life will enjoy this corridor immensely!









We have home wares and gifts with Bed Bath N Table, Wheel and barrow, a fancy new florist, 2 card and gift shops and we welcome back the Reject Shop!



For all ages we have Glassons, Bonds, ShuBar for all out shoe hoarding needs and for the pregnant Mumma we have Ripe maternity.



Some of the weird, wonderful and wacky things that I saw today-







I really hope that you enjoyed the mini tour of Eastland. Sorry that I did not get to every shop, but I am sure that you will discover the enchantment for yourselves.

I can’t wait to hear about your experiences! Have fun  🙂


I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx

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