Jamaica Blue level 1 Eastland

With the new opening of stage 2 of Eastland shopping centre I was hoping for more cafes and that is exactly what I got! I was walking passed this cool new cafe and realized that it was Jamaica Blue! I was so surprised by how how modern and inviting it looked that I just had to stop for a coffee.


When I approached the counter I was greeted by a lovely young lady who took my order. At Jamaica Blue I prefer their organic blend so I ordered a weak organic latte. As I stood and waited for my coffee to be made I saw their cool coffee signs that tell you the different coffees you can order. I wish that I had something like that in my house!




I also noticed the selection of cakes and savoury items. Although I did not eat here that day I know that I will be back for some food. I also saw on their Facebook page that they have new sour dough crumpets, I am so there for that!


My latte was given to me and it tasted Fan-TASTIC! I even told the barista how perfect my coffee was and that I would be back. Remember to always compliment your barista, it really makes their day!



All up I give Jamaica Blue a 7.8/10!


I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx


Jamaica Blue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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