Sushi Izakaya Eastland

The other day my little bear and I went and had sushi from Sushi Izakaya at Eastland shopping centred. Located right near Harris scarfe on level 1 it was easy to find. We had just been to the movies and were hungry for some good sushi.




Like all good sushi places there was a plethora of choices from sushi to sushimi and nigiri. Flavours such as tempura prawn, salmon, tuna and favourites like special California roll and Avocado roll.


After looking over the choices my little bear chose 3 avocado rolls and I chose 2 prawn rolls and 1 special California. I of course also had ginger on the side.




I have to say that this was not my most favourite sushi. The rice was very over cooked giving it an almost creamy like texture which made me feel a bit ill. The special California was very overpowering and I could not even eat it all. At first I thought it was just me but Miss 4 who loves sushi could not even get through one and a half rolls. Sadly I won’t be back..



The service is friendly, the food however was overcooked and not pleasant. For Sushi Izakaya at Eastland shopping centre, I give a 5/10.


I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx


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