Little Rose Cafe Port Melbourne

The other week my Husband and I visited Little Rose cafe in Port Melbourne. We purchased a voucher from Scoopon and was more than excited to have a lovely weekend brunch.

Little Rose had all the potential to be an amazing cafe. Wonderful location, high foot traffic and a cosy little space. Sadly they did not see the potential and failed at something that could of been so brilliant.


We arrived around 10am on a Saturday and the cafe was fairly quiet. When we walked in I was at first very confused as there were tables and chairs bunched up to the side. We did not know if they were cleaning or packing up or what was happening. What made it worse was that in our confusion no one greeted us for a couple of minutes and we were left just standing there.




Finally a waitress came and showed us to a table, one of the tables that looked huddled and crammed. It seems that this was their decor, a big confusing mess! Some of the tables nearby were dirty and I was a little worried about what the food and coffee would be like.




We ordered out drinks, a weak latte for me and a freshly squeezed orange juice for my Husband. We looked over the menu which was rather limited and decided to have one of their jaffles, as that seemed to be the special. With 7 options of jaffle filling we both decided on The Trucker which consisted of bacon, fried egg, aged cheddar and tomato ketchup.



Our drinks came and instantly from the smell I could tell that my coffee was not going to be a good one, and it wasn’t! I first had to ask for a pot of sugar (which was sitting on the counter still) and even that did not hide the bitter taste of dirt that I drank. It was so bad that I couldn’t even get through it. The plus side was that the orange juice was refreshing and tasted good.




Our jaffles came served with potato gems and they looked good. I was a little shocked that the jaffle was not cut in half but it just further highlighted the lack of care and attention put into this place. The jaffle tasted amazing but something that I could of made at home and slapped on a plate and the potato gems were okay but the oil tasted a little old. I also had to ask for salt which was also sitting on the counter and the staff had just not bothered to put them on the tables.




As we were eating and more customers came in, the waitress came to my table and took our pot of sugar!! Seriously! How can a cafe not have enough pots of sugar for each table?

I really hoped that this place was going to be a gem but it was anything but. Sloppy table and chairs, sloppy customer service, sloppy presentation and coffee not even worth drinking.

With sadness I have to give Little Rose Cafe in Port Melbourne a 2.5/10.


I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx



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2 thoughts on “Little Rose Cafe Port Melbourne

  1. I unfortunately had a similar experience at Little Rose, since the cafe has been sold the new owners just haven’t hit the mark. I visited on a Sunday morning and was told the kitchen was closed (even though there were people in the cafe eating) and I could make a booking to come back any time after Tuesday! We were shocked! We had seated ourselves as no waitress appeared after several minutes so we then had to put the newspapers aside, wrap up and head off! so disappointing.


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