Rubiki Ringwood North

This morning I had a meeting and decided afterwards to pop into Rubiki in Ringwood North. I had never been there before although it is only up the road from me and was really excited to try their coffee and food.

I was greeted by a lovely young lady who also appeared to me the floor manager. She was super nice and asked me about my morning before handing me the menu and taking my drink order (my usual weak latte) As I was looking over the menu I could not help but notice the lovely decor and the interaction between staff and customers. The staff really looked after their customers well and knew the locals by name. I felt so warm and happy as I listened.




When my coffee came I decided to order a mini egg and bacon roll. I was hungry but not enough to have a big breakfast. I tasted my coffee and it was incredible! I noticed that they used Padre and was so happy to see such an amazing coffee blend here in Ringwood. Beautiful vanilla and nutty notes, it was just perfect!




My mini egg and bacon roll came and it looked so cute and yummy. Just one bite was all it took for me to be won over. The food was just so fresh and the bacon was nice and thick!! Think about the thin stuff that you get from the supermarket and layer it 3 or 4 times, that is how wonderfully thick their bacon was!




I cannot even put into words how wonderful Rubiki is. It has such a loving ambienceΒ and I felt so happy being there. Rubiki not only feeds your tummy, it feeds your soul.


I give Rubiki a very loving 9.5/10!


I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx


Rubiki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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