Dear Tayla, amazing Superhero!



Hi amazing readers


This is not a food blog but a letter to a very special girl.. The amazing Matt young wrote her a letter today as he like me and like Tayla have been bullied. As Matt and I and many others have survived, we want to encourage this super young lady.. xoxo


Dear amazing, strong, beautiful, warrior Princess Tayla

My heart broke for you today as I read that you have been bullied at school, bullying is the worst!

As I read your story I couldn’t help but think of my own, as like you, I was bullied too. I don’t know why I was bullied, I was a nice person, I cared for others and I wanted to be friends with others. It started with teasing about my clothes. We did not have a lot of money so my Mum would buy from the op shop or sew my clothes and everyone would just laugh. It was then how I looked (I have a rather large nose haha) and how my hair looked. Anything and everything I was teased about. Then things got physical..

Being pushed in the line up, pushed down the stairs, hair being pulled and so on.. That and the emotional abuse of name calling, people calling my Mum names, rumors being spread and just ugly words coming from nowhere.. This was just primary school. I thought things would be better with highschool, but no!

The most vivid memory I had of highschool was that I drank toilet cleaner one day so I didn’t have to go to school. I was so so scared, so depressed and no one ever wanted to help me. I thought that life would never get better.

I want to tell you that life does and did get better. It took a while for me to see the value in myself but when I did it was freeing. Sadly the bullies were never stopped but I grew up and was able to change how I felt. I am telling you all of this because there is so much life ahead of you. The world is yours to have fun, to shine, to smile and to be confident, don’t let haters stop you from being you. Your Mum said that you were shocked at how people could care about a freak like you.. Well because people can care about a freak like me!! I love Marvel films and Xmen films because the characters are all different, they are all unique and they are all marvelous freaks.. Normal is so boring!!

So head up high gorgeous girl.. I hope that things get better and the school does something to help you.

From one amazingly, fantastic freak to another, you rock!!

Love Me xx


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