Cupcake Central Eastland

Last Thursday night Miss 15 and I went Deb shopping. We already had her dress but needed some shoes and some bling to make her fab! We found the shoes, we found the jewelled headband and we found the mirror ball clutch. What we also found was Cupcake central!



We approached the counter and had a giggle that we would need some time to choose and the girl just looked at me stony faced.. This however did not deter us in buying cupcakes. After looking over the selection we chose a mini red velvet, 2 mini raspberry white choc and a mini carrot cake. It was rather late so we opted not to buy coffee.



The girl still stony faced asked if we were happy with them to be all in the same pack which we were. I was excited as I pictured them in a cute little box, the ones I had seen people walking around with, but then my dreams were dashed! Our beautiful mini cupcakes were put in a very long paper bag and handed to us, without a smile!



Sitting down to try these adorable little things we proceeded to taste..

The red velvet- Everything that you want in a red velvet cake. Beautiful coco taste and delicious cream cheese icing!



The carrot cake- This beautiful little gem was light and fluffy and my mouth was groaning as I tasted the combination of cake and cream cheese, this was one good cake!



The raspberry white choc- Light and fluffy, beautiful raspberry flavour, amazing icing!



We could not fault the cupcakes at all, they were simply perfect, which is why this makes it difficult for me to rate. Maybe the girls were tired as it was late? I know that if service with a smile happens and there is more interaction, that Cupcake central will be amazing. But for now I have to give them a 6/10.


I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx


Cupcake Central Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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