Shingle Inn Eastland

Last month I want to Shingle Inn for a free coffee and cake for my birthday. I also had a voucher for a free coffee for signing up to their database and was hoping that I could redeem for a babychino for my birthday..

I had walked passed Shingle Inn many times and loved their seating layout and their beautiful decor and desperately wanted to try their cakes and coffee, well today was the day!



I walked up to the counter with my vouchers and Miss 4 and the young man behind the counter was really accommodating and wished me a happy birthday. When I asked about the babychino he was more than happy to redeem my voucher for one and gave me a number to take my seat.

First my beautiful patty cake (cupcake) came out with my chosen pink icing, and it looked totally adorable. I shared it with Miss 4 and it was so yummy and light and fluffy. The icing was butter cream and was just perfect!



My latte came and it was perfect looking. I always get scared if my coffee looks dark but this was awesome.. The taste was a nice and smooth with a Β nutty edge. A good all round general coffee.



The babychino was so adorable and with extra marshmallows which made Miss 4 really happy!



All up for Shingle Inn at Eastland, I give a good 7.5/10!



I’ve Bean To Melbourne xx


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