Dear Tayla, amazing Superhero!

My heart broke and tears rolled down my face as I read this.. Still thinking of you beautiful girl xx

I've bean to Melbourne


Hi amazing readers

This is not a food blog but a letter to a very special girl.. The amazing Matt young wrote her a letter today as he like me and like Tayla have been bullied. As Matt and I and many others have survived, we want to encourage this super young lady.. xoxo

Dear amazing, strong, beautiful, warrior Princess Tayla

My heart broke for you today as I read that you have been bullied at school, bullying is the worst!

As I read your story I couldn’t help but think of my own, as like you, I was bullied too. I don’t know why I was bullied, I was a nice person, I cared for others and I wanted to be friends with others. It started with teasing about my clothes. We did not have a lot of money so my Mum would buy from the op shop or…

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